I don't know how many journals back I wrote about my fondness that I had for the manager of gas I have been going to for 6 years. Data so affectionately made fun of the fact that I had a crush on 25 year old...well he's 26 now and still a CUTE as ever.

Right before my birthday I went to fill up. He saw me and waved like he always does from inside and that was my cue to go in. Well he has not seen in months and was just floored when he did. Just an update guys since October I have lost 20 pounds. I weighed myself yesterday at my girlfriends and I just went nutz. So when my desert prince saw me (he's of Lebanese decent) he about tripped on his tongue... and GET THIS>>>>>>>>> he gave me his phone number! "You and I HAVE to hook up". Did I mention he's a body builder, dark wavy hair and the deepest blue eyes? I gave him a hug and told him I would talk to him later. I ran to the car and just blurted out to the kids... HE GAVE ME HIS PHONE NUMBER! John of course said... “Mom isn't that guy like in his 20's?†I said yes and all he could say was “Wowâ€Â. Then I told him don't tell you father what happened today... LMAO! Well I won't be calling my desert prince but I will be keeping his number in my wallet for a while just because he was that little pat on the back that I'm still not done with losing weight... but I'm on my way to be a hottie again smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif