I'm gonna make this all short for my lovely followers.

Monday-Almost didnt have my first class because Senator McCain was going to give a speech at my school.
Its alright I didnt miss it, its Drawing 1 and I have a friend in it.
Had my Physiology class. The best part. My teachers name is Dr. Phyco. Thats her real name, and it sounds how you think it sounds. It almost made me cry with joy.

Tuesday- Didn't have school because of Hurricane Fay, So I went surfing.

Today(Wend)- No school because of Tropical Storm Fay which is currently right over me. Alot of rain, some wind, pretty fun.

- Wont have school because of T. S. Fay. Probably go surfing. Or continue work on my Top Secret Project.

Friday- I dont have school anyways so w00ts.

By the way I'm currently working on a Top Secret Project. I will call it Project D.R. Only few know of this projects true nature.

Warning: If you are one. Do not tell others or even make it known you know about it. If you do violate this, I will be forced to take you outside and beat you down with a Ukulele.

That is all, You are dis-mist.