Well first thing's first, my news article made it to the front page of Ultimate-Guitar. Read all about it if you like Slipknot.

- UG (above)
- Job
- Happiness Hour/School
- New Axe


Anyways, the job has been awesome. Getting a good pay and 40% off (which I've used before on some clothes, awesome). Plus the co-workers are awesome. Get to vent all I need and at the same time share some laughs, while making money and working.

Happiness Hour/School:

Driving has become a regular thing for me. Seeing as I've been going EVERYWHERE. God, it's good to be free! If you haven't applied for a license and you're of age, DO IT. It's cool. Yay.

My school starts in a few weeks.

My classes roll as follows:

Trimester I:

1.Clay - Slot
2.Chem - Mirolli
3.World Cultures - Prevost
4.English 11 - Martin
5.Visual Basics - George

Trimester II:

1.Sociology - Duncan
2.Java - George
3.French 2A - Seigle
4.Pre- Calculus - Yoder
5.Chem B - Wisser

Trimester III:

1.Forensic Science - Stema
2.English 11 B - Martin
3.French 2B - Sawyer
4.Trig - Baldwin
5.Psychology - Pizzala

Junior year for me.

Next Guitar:

My next axe is one of two things.

An Ibanez RG2EX1. The guitar I can get is all white and would match Mick Thomson's or I can get it in all black matching one of his other guitars. It's amazing to me because I LOVE RG's and the thin necks of Ibanez are awesome.


I could get a Jackson V JS30. This is based off my favorite guitar of all time, a Jackson RR24. I LOVE the shape and the 24 frets are awesome for the octave finishes and arpeggios.

Both of them the same price!

Of course if I get ANY guitar, I would replace the pickups with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. A set that many pro guitarists that use EMG's are switching to.

Poll in comments.