I got went to work and bought the album (special edition CD/DVD). With a discount for me because I'm sexy.

First, my review of the album.

This is a great album. It's got melodic choruses, bone crushing riffs, stunning solos, and soft-as-can-be songs. Everything for an "experimental" album. I won't go as far as saying this is their best. To me NOTHING will EVER beat their self tilted album. Iowa was another masterpiece that can't be challenged. But I WILL compare this to their previous album Vol 3: the Subliminal Versus. Compared to that, this is great. There are some great songs on V3:TSV, but AHIG has it's share of "awesomeness".

Some of my favorites for this album:

- .execute. - An intro that makes me smile when I listen to it.

- Psychosocial - Their first single and a GREAT chorus. The album version is slightly longer than the radio edit. (kind of like Duality)

Dead Memories - I compare it to my life. It corresponds correctly. Not to mention the chorus.

This Cold Black - A REALLY heavy song. 'nuff said.

Snuff - A soft song, self explanatory.

All Hope is Gone - Sums up what the band is saying.

Though these are my favorites, there is something to love about all the songs.

About the album:



1. ".execute." â€" 1:49
2. "Gematria (The Killing Name)" â€" 6:02
3. "Sulfur" â€" 4:38
4. "Psychosocial" â€" 4:42
5. "Dead Memories" â€" 4:29
6. "Vendetta" â€" 5:16
7. "Butcher's Hook" â€" 4:15
8. "Gehenna" â€" 6:53
9. "This Cold Black" â€" 4:40
10. "Wherein Lies Continue" â€" 5:37
11. "Snuff" â€" 4:36
12. "All Hope Is Gone" â€" 4:45

13. "Child of Burning Time"[**] â€" 5:10
14. "Vermilion Pt. 2" (Bloodstone mix)[**] â€" 3:39
15. "'Til We Die"[**] â€" 5:46

[**] - Special edition only.

An awesome record. Check it out if you can.