i'm at the library and i'm stuck here for another hour and i'mk insanely bored so i'm gonna write an update journal...
still sick it sucks.
still having boy issues..i guess craig likes me and he is my best friend so idk what to do.
and the makeout buddy thing didn't work out too well dylan was a prettty bad kisser haha.
aand weston is just a douche.
and me and josh are getting pretty close but he likes someone else but me and him can jam out on the guitar together. :]
the whole being friends with ben thing is working out better than i thought it would. it's not awkward or anything.
i applied for a job at krogers starbucks yesterday..or jsut krogers in general. either one is fine by me. i have a good feeling about it though.
i'm at the library now it is pretty boring i am stuck here for another hour.
then church tonight should be fine.
well i think im gonna go get some books now..later.