NEW COMIC TIME! Sorry it took so long, but I just had to get a few addons working.

For those just tuning in to 2 PERCENT DEAD, here's the archive:
Prologue(Improved quality!)
Part 1: Arrival
Part 2: Scatter
Part 3: Interrogation
Part 4: Infiltrate
Part 5: Captives
Part 6: Hunting
Part 7: Run and Gun
Part 8: Tables will Turn

And today, Part 9:
Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Yep. That's the teleporter. A Stargate with a bunch of crap welded to it. Not as interesting as HK-47 in the background there, is it? Or the guy standing on the crate? Or that the Heavy wrote his name on the wall in blood? Wow, this was fun to make. I really hope you enjoy it. And stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion sometime in the next month!

Other than that...
Training went well. I guess. I did computer training for 8 hours, and now I go in Sunday for hands-on training in the bakery. Shiny. Oh, and now my cars having transmission problems, so it's a good thing I have a job now, right? Ugh, I'm about to push this thing off a cliff. Or just borrow my Dads Prizm for a while.

Much love, comic fans. Tell your friends!


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