I has a women of my very own.
Her name is Brandi
She is quite grand, i must say.
She is Quarter Hawaiian
She was born and raised there
Later she moved and eventually found her way to FL

I met her in the hallway in front of my class
We went out from there
and I asked her to be my GF 4 days ago.

I have also been surfing mucho.
I'm actually tanner then Brandi.
And shes Hawaiian.
I also got a new surf board
it totally rocks.
Its a 6'4" Doc
pointed top flat bottom.
rides like a dream.
I'm eventually gonna paint it up a lil

But between surfing and Brandi, those are the reason i'm not on much anymore.
I will get a pic of her whenever she stops being shy about it.
And I will get u a pic of me and my bored soon enough.

That is all. smiley0.gif