I know I promised that I'd post more of my story, but it's been too long! So here is the 3rd part of my story titled If Cinderella's Slipper Had Four Feet. (A slight change to the title.) If you've forgotten what has happened, here's a small reminder:
*Michelle is introduced in part 1. She an animator that lives alone with her dog Cocoa.
*Landon is introduced in part 2. He's at his office at his dull job.

With the large bag of dog food under one arm and her tote and keys in the other hand Michelle trudged up the few steps of her porch.
What a busy day… I’m exhausted, thought Michelle as she fought anxiously with her keys so she could get inside and relax.
When her house key finally cooperated and she entered her house Michelle knew instantly that something wasn’t right. She carefully set the bag down by the door and crept inside her house. After a few steps she switched on the nearest set of lights. These illuminated most of the living room but the kitchen was off a ways. She crept along a little farther, until the kitchen and back of the house were visible. She switched on the kitchen lights.
“Oh my god!†Michelle screamed, terrified.
There in the back of the house the back door stood ajar, and a strange crimson fluid could be seen sprinkled and splattered around the area. The one window on the back door was smashed in and the shards of glass added to the mess on the floor. Panicked, Michelle ran from the back and into the living room.
“Cocoa! Cocoa! Where are you? Cocoa! Come here!†Michelle yelled frantically, tears welling in her eyes as she realized what had happened.
“Cocoa! Please! COCOA!â€Â
Horrified at the thought that the killer might still be nearby, Michelle ran back into her car and drove off as fast as she could manage.
Even though it was illegal to talk while driving Michelle dug up her cell phone as soon as she was stopped at a red light and dialed that familiar memorized number. It only rang about two times and then somebody finally answered.
“Caitlin, I’m coming over! Emergency!â€Â
There was silence for a few moments.
“Michelle? Are you ok? What’s wrong?â€Â
“Can’t talk! Be there soon! Click…â€Â
Michelle knew the way to her best friend’s house well, and she drove mindlessly there. She couldn’t allow herself to break down until she was safely out of the car.
After what seemed like an eternity the small white house and concrete driveway appeared. Michelle screeched to a halt, turned off the car, and ran up to the house. Ever-concerned Caitlin and her husband Jacob were waiting at the door.
“Michelle! Honey! My god, what happened? You look terrible!â€Â
Michelle ran full speed into Caitlin’s arms and let her bottled emotions spill forth. She broke down and sobbed. Jacob, unsure of what to do, went inside to make sure Alexis stayed back until things calmed down.
“Michelle! Talk to me! Please! What happened?†Caitlin asked as she held her sobbing best friend tightly.
“My h-house- Cocoa-!†was all Michelle could muster at the moment.
With a vague idea of what was going on, Caitlin called to Jacob.
“Jacob! Call the police and send them to Michelle’s.â€Â
“Ok…†Jacob responded wistfully.
He went to the phone and started making calls.
“Alright now Michelle, I’m going to need you to calm down long enough to explain the situation to the police, ok?†Caitlin coaxed.
Michelle nodded meekly and continued to sob. Caitlin patted Michelle’s head soothingly and tried coaxing more out of her.
“We should go meet the police at your house. It’s not on fire, is it? Should I have Jacob call the fire department instead?â€Â
“N-not on fire-“
“Ok. That’s good. Come on, I’ll drive us there and you can explain on the way.â€Â
Michelle nodded meekly again. Caitlin carefully moved herself and Michelle toward Michelle’s car. She opened the passenger side door and sat Michelle down.
“I’ll be right back! I have to talk to Jacob, and then we’ll head out! Ok?†Caitlin called to Michelle as she ran back to the house.
Caitlin found Jacob and Alexis standing around anxiously in the living room.
“Mommy? What’s wrong wiff Auntie Michelle?†Alexis asked concernedly.
“Shhh. Not right now, Lex,†Jacob said as Caitlin got to them.
“I’m going to take Michelle to her house so she can talk with the cops,†Caitlin explained hurriedly.
“Alright. Come home soon.â€Â
Jacob kissed his wife and then she ran off out the door. Alexis stared sadly after her mother. Jacob noticed her genuine, five-years-old concern and patted his daughter’s head softly.

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