ok so i wont be on as much as i was last year. cause i am getting a job. then home work. then i am in like 2 or 3 clubs. then friends. but who knows i might drop some. i love high school it is great, but it is funny cause i have met more sophmore, juniors, and seniors that i have liked then freshman. But i really really really like this guy. but i am pretty sure he likes me from what a couple of people say. thennnn he is cute and nice. but he is planning on switching out of the ONLY class we have together. so it is like TT_TT. i wish i could tell him. Oh yeah my parents are getting back together if you have followed my journals for a while. soooo i am in the process of moving.
well that is it
if you have any questions you know where to find me
Love ya,