Back in the day on the Football (Soccer) thread we basically made a muck around, fantasy team of ourselves which looked like this:

----------------------the boxer
overlord (c)--dane sfc--whosmisled--tezzer
--------dr nick--anethesia--the greek

subs : primo, mister chef
manager: gymeg04

We talked about the tactics of how we each played as individuals and then looked at formations that would see us fit together as a team the best. Most of these 'players' don't log into the site anymore so I'd love to start again.

Within the new FIFA 09 game coming out on the Xbox 360 in October there is a new online mode called 'be a pro' where everyone on the team controls an individual player and plays his position within a team. I would love to form 'Locomotiv RvB' on this.

I'm looking to organise players and details for the team and am looking for your input. If you are intending on buying this game and would be interested in joining the team then send me a comment with where and how you would like to play. Even things like shirt numbers, physical attributes, tactics.

I'm even looking for team related input some as the logo, colours, shirt design. Lets just get the ball rolling and some comments coming in.

Here are links to some threads of interest on this website:
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* FIFA 09 [Xbox 360]