So I am sitting here on the Quarterdeck of Mass. Maritime Academy's Training Ship, the USTS Enterprise in command of the 8-12 watch rotation. Needless to say, I am bored as hell. Last nights watch wasn't bad, mostly due to the fact that we scared the shit out of the freshmen in between detex rounds (security rounds)....but that is another story for later.

Recent happenings are few and far least ones of note. But, I feel compelled to talk about my life to my internet friends....I blame boredom...anyways.

I have recently been able to find work at RadioShack.....YAY for I will be pushing stuff there to earn my dinner. Im finally in my senior year at the Academy, not to be confused with my final year at the Academy, as I still have another semester to go due to my ill-advised stint as a double major my freshman year.

In actual news that is me at least, my girlfriend and I recently passed the 1 year mark. ^_^ Since we were too poor, collectively, at the time, she and I made dinner at her house and ate there insted of going out. This turned out very her parents ended up going out to dinner, we we could have a nice dinner alone, and she is an excellent cook. Food was at least fine restaurant quality....if not better seeing as it was not mass produced. So we did that, and I surprised her with her anniversary/birthday gift (her birthday was the day after).

I am going to bring her to see Boston Ballet's "The Nutcracker" on November 30th followed by a romantic dinner in the North End. She cried.

Anyways....thats whats new. I know I say this every time, but I'll try to make another one soon. I'm on here more often now that RvB is doing this new series.