Well, I haven't been around much at all, but that's because I actually have to do work at this job. It's so weird!

Bad news about Crash. We had to have him put to sleep (I hate that phrase). He had leukemia that was so aggressive that even if he were a young dog, chemo might have given him another month of being run down and sick. It's been a month and I still look for him. Tippy is adjusting to being an only dog.

Gee, I've been an RvB member long enough to lose three dogs. I wonder what that means?

The job is going pretty good. My customers generally drive me nuts, but I only have to put up with them for 30 days, so that's good.

Really, nothing else has changed. I've mostly been playing Rockband and (now) Rockband 2. I play bass (on Medium because I'm a pussy), usually, so Eric can be the guitar hero ;) He also plays on medium for the same reason.

I'll try to update more than once a year, but no promises.

Now, I've got to go call someone who is in an utter panic about something he's broken (again). Yay! (I may be back after this call...)

(if you see me logged in, I'm probably looking for porn to sav^^^ ... er delete from profiles)