Side Note:
Well a lot of shit at school.

Being a Junior kicks ass. Knowing what and how to do everything is pretty fucking sexy.

and 12th grade R TEH SHITS.


I'm getting a new guitar December.

Till then, I'm putting in Seymour Duncan SH-6 Duncan Distortion Pick Up (Bridge). On my Dean Vendetta.
I'm leaving the neck pick up in because it's excellent as is. The warm tone is right where is should be.
My bridge pick-up, however, is my main pick-up and I need one with a higher output, better bite, crunch, and a meatier tone. I also like hum canceling sound. Therefore the SH-6 comes into place.

With a job, I get to finance it myself, including the installation. So around $100 should clear it.

I went to my corner guitar store, Motor City Guitars and I got the pick-up after calling in to see if they had it. I dropped off my guitar and should have it back Thurs.

It also feels great using my debit card. I then got my parents an anniversary card (19 years) and GTFO.

Pics up when I get it back.