New Journal Wooh!

Ok so update on my life.

Brandi didnt seen to work out well with me.
I'm not quite sure if its ended, yet i'm pretty sure it did.
She wasnt my type in the end anyways

I have found another girl that seems to suit me much better
Dont think i'm a player or anything. Its just random.
But shes Mormon, Her Names Suzanna. Shes actually best friends with my ex- Melody.
But me and Melody are friends.

I've already gone to a Morman Dance with Suzanna.
It was rather delightful.
Even though I only danced The electric slide and the very last slow dance song with her.
Soon I will teach her to surf and I might go to her Homecoming with her.

Also watch and comment this video if you please.
It is rather comical of my friend eating it at the skate park.


Thats all for me, hope to go surfing soon.

How ar you all?