well ever since rock band 2 came out, I have been only focusing on that. So I will update whats up with me on rock band 2 I guess...

1. finished the impossible drum challenge (which was easy, and I played it on expert).
2. I am top ranked (under 100) on many, if not most of the songs in the game, and downloadable on the drums.
3. hardest song... visions... just watch it...
4.Lets see in the past day I broke...
a. a drumset
b. a pedal
c. another pedal
d. yes, one more pedal
e. dont forget my friends pedal!
f. a pedal I krazy glued back together.

In fast the only thing that seem to work to keep the damn pedal together is guerrilla glue, and a ass load of tape!

Thats really it, I may post something later or something.