This is the season I've been waiting to see. I wanted to see villains in this universe other than Sylar. So far, it looks all right, but this shows fooled me before.
I'll spoiler this for those who havent seen it yet. Those who have, I hope your eyes can endure the strain of having to read this. smiley6.gif
It was kind of upsetting that Sylar got Claire's power, He was already pretty much unstoppable, now he's immortal. And the fact that they showed how he took others powers? That really bugged me. They were better off leaving fans thinking he eats brains.
As for who shot Nathan, My brother and I had a bet going on who it was, and I won. I don't know why, but at the end of season 2, I took a really close look at the shooter and thought, 'I'll bet that's Peter from the future. He was enough of a douchebag to do something like that'.
I kinda figured Hiro would end up in the stereotypical giant office running his fathers company. I laughed at the whole 'Don't open the safe' thing, and I bet Kaito meant for that whole thing to happen, minus Daphne running in and taking it. That was funny, I thought.
Ando gaining superpowers: I kinda saw it coming. But killing Hiro? Didnt see that coming. Speaking of seeing things coming, I always knew someone close to Peter was a precog other than Issac. At the beginning of the series he was having prophetic dreams, now we know his mother had that power.
Parkman's stranded in the middle of the African desert. And he was talking to a turtle. I lol'd. But seriously. Have you read House of M: Incredible Hulk? Banner was in the middle of Australia living with Aborigines that taught him how to tame the Hulk and use Hulks powers for a true purpose. I see Parkman's new journey turning out sort of like that. It would be cool.
I'm really glad they didnt kill off Elle. She's way too cool to kick her off the show. At least Bob is dead. I didnt like Bob. He was an asshole.
Mohinder gives himself powers. This is playing out like the 4400. It's all fun now, but then he starts mutating and breaking apart. And giving other people powers was inevitable, I just didnt think Maya would be the source of it.
Nikki's completely lost it, I saw, but turning the Greatest American Hero into Ice? What the hell? Either her powers mutated in that explosion or the reporter has uncontrollable Ice powers he didnt know about.
Nathans a zealot now and he sees dead people. Going by what happened with Linderman in the graphic novel, I didnt think Season one was the last we'd see of him, but I didnt expect it to be like this. Maybe he is just in Nathans head, courtesy of Parkman's Dad. (Just spitballin here)
Present day Peter is stuck in the body of one of the level 5 villains, the one with sound manipulation powers. I think hanging out with those guys is whats gonna turn Present day Peter's mindset into Future Peters. One question: How? There must be an upcoming character with the ability to shove one person inside the body of another.

That's all I can think of to comment on right now, maybe more when I watch it again.
One last thing: Angela says Sylar is her son. What. The. Fuck. A part of me says 'That makes total sense!' while another says 'No. They better not. Seriously.' And another says 'Fuck this, lets go get a sandwich.'

Shake the 8-ball, it says 'Wait and See.'

-Pete, but not Petrelli. smiley6.gif