That was fun. Sorry about the wait. I had lots of stuff do this last week and a half. This site really cuts in to my work ethic.

Without further ado, here's the abridged Chapter 8 of Suddenly Rogues:

-Tack and Ren bond a bit and Ren doesn't hate him as much as she did.
-Foolsfolly runs off to find Jonix

-Data leaves on a business trip.

-Jonix reaches Data's headquarters and mentally asserts himself as the new Leader to the Guardsmen. Celtic was secretly in on the deal.

-Brodie comes back to find everyone has left the building with Jonix while Data was away on business.

-Baraxis and Puma are still in the lab when sand starts seeping under the door.

-Using the combined might of Baraxis and Tack, the door is busted open.

-The Rogues go to find Qwirtle when they run into Brodie. He tells them where to find him before speeding away (presumably to call Data).

-Jonix and the Guardsmen are looking for transport and end up at the same prison area as Qwirtle.

-The two groups run into each other in the hall in front of Qwirtle and Spartan's cell and a fight breaks out. (Ren vs Celtic, Tack vs Ragin, Puma vs Powerbomb, Baraxis vs Jonix)

-During the fight, Tack knocks open Qwirtle's door and the two prisoners join in. Qwirtle manages to sap a bit of Jonix's powers so his telepathy isn't as strong.

-The fight stops when Celtic uses his powers on everyone in the room. As a result, Proto keeps multiplying and multiplying.

-Jonix and Guardsmen escape the area only to find Brodie outside with a getaway vehicle.

-In his hubris, Jonix accepts the ride and thinks nothing of it, obviously tired.

- As they start to pull away, Foolsfolly appears behind Jonix and lops his head clean off with Gram.

-Data is on a comlink on the dashboard. He offers his thanks and allows him to leave without a fight.

-Qwirtle, Ren, Tack, Puma, and Baraxis find Foolsfolly sitting on the curb, blood staining his shirt. They all go back to the base and recover what they can.

The End.

Yet again, sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoyed imagining the sub-par dialogue and odd pacing that my writing would have brought to that bit of text you see there.

Who knows? I may end up even writing it out some day (don't hold your breath) and surprise you guys with it.

Data, you're up. Have fun.