Well I have had a fun high school experience so far. I am in 2 clubs one of the is Rebelettes and that is basically community service projects the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) which is my favorite. GSA is for Gays, Bi's, and Lesbians. I have a friend who is suspended for tell this bitch that she was going to grind her face into a brick wall. That is a loooooooooong story. I had to stand in the rain for a HOUR on thursday waitning for my bus. My hoodie was soaked my shirt under that and the shirt under that...EVEN MY BRA WAS SOAKED!!! how is that possible. I mean seriously. One or two of my friends are being total bitches and it is pissing me off. I like this guy Travis, but i dont think he likes me. But i am not sure. I have had sooo much homework lately. It sucks monkey balls too. Then i have a good friend Billy and i use to like him but now i dont because he got this girl pregnant. I take photography and i have had some really good pictures. My photography teacher is a total crack head i am not even kidding. uhhh i am in the process of moving back in with my dad. so i won t be on alot so i will post journals like this once or twice a week.
Oh yeah
expect some more poetry SOON!!

Love you ALL