Stolen from Chip who stole it from Alsace

Full Name: David Woodroffe
Aliases: Dave Raynes, syrix, azrael, that crazy motherfucker who was here last night.
Birthday: 24/01/1990 (yes, i do it the smart way)
Age: 18
Age You Act: Anywhere between 12-40

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lb i beleive
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: naturally, brown with flecks of gray, atm, bleach blonde with chocolate brown foils in it.
Have You Ever Died Your Hair? well duh.

Hometown: FTG, Vic
Current Town: *points at above*
Do You Have a Significant Other?: No
Describe Your First Kiss: Not as awkward as you'd think, and very romantic. sure she turned out to be a crazy abusive bitch but that moment was a keeper.

Do You Have a Secret That No One Can Know About?: Yes
Have You Ever Been in Love: No.
Do You Play a Musical Instrument: i can pick up most things quickly.
Can You Sing: everyone CAN sing, can i sing well? thats the question. the answer is im alright. if i quit smoking and drinking and got some training i could be pretty good

If I were a villain I'd be: i really wanna say flagg... :P

If I were a movie hero I'd be: Captain Malcolm Reynolds

If I were a videogame character I'd be: Max Payne (just cause hes more fucked up than most)

if I were a superhero I'd be: Patrick Bateman. :D