You should decide on what branch to serve in. Read up on all current information and events happening in that branch. Don't let someone force or rush your decision. If a recruiter is doing this stop the conversation and tell him that you want to talk to someone else. I asked my Army recruiter about stuff about the Marines and then I went and talked to the Marines face to face and to see what my Army recruiter was saying was true or not. The Army recruiter was full of shit. I am not saying the Army is a bunch of liars but he is.
So I chose to go with the Marines. (I know what you’re thinking what about the Navy and Air-Force. The Navy is great branch don't get me wrong but I don't want to spend all my time on a Boat. The Air-Force really in my opinion isn't a branch at all. I know that sounds rude. The Air-force implies you are flying planes of some sort. However it's not the case, only 10-15% actually flies.) Yes they have an important job, The problem with them is this since only so few actually fly the rest might as well be ground pounders,
After you have chosen the branch you have to do a lot of paper work, and I mean a lot. Then you got to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) this is a two day process. The First is a test mentally; the test is called the ASVAB. I will recommend ASVAB for Dummies. This score will tell you what Jobs are available for you. Don't bother trying to cheat there are 37 different test. But you can ask your recruiter for a special tip on how to pass it and if he doesn't know send me a message and I will tell you. It is not a cheat but it is a way to have a "little help" on it. I did not use it but it may help some of you out there get the job you need. On the second day it is all physical blood, urine and feet and breathing testing. It sucks, but after this you stand in a room someone stands on pedestal and he ask you wise you right hand and repeat after him. Then he shakes your hand and thanks you for joining. Then it's just a matter of going to Boot camp and earning the title Marine or the other branches titles.

Semper Fi