Full Name: Nicholas Patrick G*cough*
Aliases: Nick, Jonix, Jonesy (Don't ask)
Birthday: October 20, 1990
Age: 17
Age You Act: Too old

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 245
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Have You Ever Dyed Your Hair? Nope

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
Current Town: Eustis Florida
Do You Have a Significant Other?: No.
Describe Your First Kiss: It was terrible.

Do You Have a Secret That No One Can Know About?: Yup.
Have You Ever Been in Love: Not really.
Do You Play a Musical Instrument: Tuba in middle school
Can You Sing: Better than some

If I were a villain I'd be: Captain Cold

If I were a movie hero I'd be: Arthur Dent

If I were a videogame character I'd be: Fixer (RC-1440 from Republic Commando)

if I were a superhero I'd be: Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)