Alright, first of all, so to not incur wrath upon me, i most note that the following journal is a theory on women. If you girls still want to think guys can't figure you out, then don't read this, because I just did. However, I suspect most of you will find it interesting, and not care anyway because the results are the same.

Anyway, it would seem common knowledge applies two things about women. One is that girls have a "Woman's intuition". The other is that girls mature at an earlier age than boys.

If you want to be logical about it, you could easily write this off by saying "statistically, its possible for people of either gender to be intuitive, or more mature at an earlier age".

This is true, but there have been many psychological tests and studies, and the numbers don't lie. It would in fact seem that these ideas are true. Girls supposedly do mature faster then boys.

This has always been frustrating to me, since i'm relatively certain (both now and in hindsight) That i've been ahead of the curve of both genders as far as maturity and intuition go (Yeah, thats right! i developed a MAN'S Intuition. I call it a "mantuition". Its a beautiful thing...). I figure to myself, "well, why on earth am i where i am? how did this happen? when will the space time continuum collapse?".

I think its simple. You could again argue (but i'm not going to) that this is all just in the development of a person's brain, and you could say maybe mine developed in such a way to be better. While i'd love to claim superior brainpower (128 IQ for the win!), but I'm betting that all these people studying our brains haven't been looking at what our brains have been doing...

Many Psychological studies have proven another "common knowledge" fact, and this one i think may hold water. Studies have shown that when searching for advice, the person in trouble will more likely go to someone of the female gender. This is because of preconcieved notions of what a female's role is.

I mean, you usually don't ask a guy for advice, because why? You know the answers right now. Guys don't have the reputation for being caring, or deep thinking individuals who are capable of understanding complex problems.

And so, whenever we have a problem, we ALL go to our girlfriends. What does this have to do with a women's maturity and intuition? Everything.

Both of these things become more powerful with expirience. As any person encounters a new situation, they learn and (hopefully) mature by it. They also now recognize another possible chain of events and what that result is even if not consiously, leading to that strange sensation we call a hunch, the basis of intuition. The more we dump our problems on those poor girls, the more they learn, and the more their brain develops from our mistakes and events.

And so, i think if a young guy made an effort to just sit down and listen to people (instead of playing out society's stereotypical roles), and made themselves available to give advice, then they would also expirience these things, and so give them the maturity and intuition previously thought to be unique to women.

Its not a big deal to me, I just think that maybe society's roles for a person have unintended and unexpected consequences. These are not bad traits, but perhaps there is more than just physical differences that make genders so different from eachother.