So about a 17 months ago I had to get a new-to-me car. This occurred because my previous car was a victim of carslaughter--death brought on my blunt force trauma to the nose. And so I bought a newer version of the car I had. The newer version came equipped with a cd player, which my deceased car did not have, and so became the $12,000 CD Player. Unfortunately, it also came equipped with the ugliest factory hubcaps that Honda ever produced. Seriously. The Ugliest. See?

No car should ever be a victim of these hubcaps. Not even an average silver Honda. And especially not a cute silver Honda with a manual transmission and a spoiler. It's not quite like asking a model to wear Crocs on the runway...but almost. About like seeing a well dressed businessman in bright orange Crocs. Incongruous. Awkward. You shake your head and wonder, "Why?" I was finally able to change that, to help my dear Phoebus have a better pair of shoes.

Please forgive the unshined tires and disks. I took the pic right after I had them installed. I think they do my little car a much better service. And when I get the money for a gunmetal grey paint job and new interior...well, they'll be downright spiffy. Yes. I did just say "spiffy." :-)