Understand the common link,
The thing that makes us all man?
I see it, as I stare at the bottom of this sink,
Its the moment when I see, I've done all I can.
Life isn't in our hands,
I walk on roads (that are seldom used).
Sick of their lies, all but scams,
In life, who really knows (the ones who turn out abused)?
I rearranged,
A better way, to live my life.
Society is deranged,
Cut the cords with a mental knife.
Who we are ('til the day we die),
Until the day we can't go on.
I'll fall, the brightest burning star (bring up a new high),
Is it gone (or just beginning)?
I'll give up on the loneliness,
In exchange for hope.
For without forgiveness,
We'll be falling down this slope.
They'll be our rising sun,
Burn through the air polluted with lies.
We'll see as they throw down those guns,
And live our life, without our sighs...