so last night weston called me and kel and was like you guys wanna get dylan and hang out so we were like yeah sure but he had a game to go to so we got a ride to the mall and he was gonna pick us up at 9 and go to dd's apartment after his game so we went..he calls us at 9 30 and says yeah i gotta go home then i'm going to the party after i was like uhhh you can't just bail on us weston and he was like ok well i gotta go home and ask my mom so he did and of course she says he can't come out here..cause it's too far blah he goes to the party to see if his sis and her bf will cover for him and just say he was there..but apparently his mom freaking checked the miles on the car in case he went anywhere else so by now it is 10 30 and we are all PISSED then he was like ok lemme call you back i'm trying my best here..calls back another 20 min later says no i just can' now HE is about to break down in tears [he said that] so it's 11 at night we are stranded outside the mall with absolutely NO ride and trying to think of who we could call cause no one is home so i was like dude..travis! the new guy at i [thank god] remembered his number off the top of my head and called him and he was like yeah i can get you he got us and took us home i was like dude you are like amazing and i guess it helped that he likes me so yeah he pretty much saved our butts.
and it's cold outside. >.<
but yeah that was how my friday night was spent.
and weston IS NOT reliable whatsoever...he has done this to us SEVERAL times now in the past few weeks.