ok so school is great. but OMG this guy Travis isss soooooooooooo confusing. i told him i liked him and he told me he liked me but nothing. he is just like ok whatever. it is like TT_TT. but other than that i got this one girl maggie suspended. she is a bitch. but after that i got the nick name wonder woman because no one could get her to go away no matter what. so i did. ok i told yall about GSA in last journal (if confused read last journal) well i met this gut who is bi. but omg he is soooooo cool. he is on the football team. well GSA we had a guest speaker name Ruth Perkinson. she is a lesbian. but she is a wonderful author. it was pretty fun. then i have a good friend Virginia she is awesome i love her to death. I am also in the process of moving to my dads since my parents are getting back together. uhh lets see. i havent gotten in any fights. almost a couple though. i have met some really great friends. BUT I MISS MY BEST FRIEND NIKKI!!! i love Nikki. everyone that came from byrd is always like how is Nikki you never talk about her anymore. I am always like i know she goes to godwin so it sucks ass. but no one knows i miss her everyday. school just isnt the same without her there. but other than that school is pretty boring. ALOT of drama. NIKKI ELVISA GOT HER ASS KICKED THE OTHER DAY. CALL ME IF YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!. i am in no freshman drama only sophmore and junior drama. but i am ok with that. i guess that is it

loves yazzz