Full Name: NIcholas Francis Kreider
Aliases: Kreegles
Birthday: July 10, 1993
Age: 15 >.>
Age You Act: Some people say I act over 20 o_O
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Around 340 I think...
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brownish Blonde
Have You Ever Dyed Your Hair? NO!! lol

Hometown: Born in Lafeyette but raised in Morgan City
Current Town: Morgan City lol
Do You Have a Significant Other? Not really
Describe Your First Kiss: At a school dance, with a girl I didn't even like
Do You Have a Secret That No One Can Know About? 2 actually...
Have You Ever Been in Love: Just once
Do You Play a Musical Instrument: 5 to be exact
Can You Sing: Very good if I do say so myself

If I were a villain I'd be: The Joker
If I were a video game character I'd be: Sev from Star Wars: Rebublic Comando