Ever felt that you were useless?
That your existence is pointless?
That the decisions you make,
only postpone the inevitable?
I know I have,
That it’s useless to fight.
This world has forgotten,
The promises it made, back when I was young.
I wish I hadn't chosen to fight,
Not even pick up that gun.
There is no Reconciliation,
To put us back in our place.
No nation to protect,
That doesn't spit in our face.
That's when she said,
"Boy, I don't hate you, but
I just want to save you,
while there's still someone left to save.
I can’t live my life without knowing,
When we’re together, it’s as if we were flowing."
That's when I told her,
"I love you girl,
but I'm not the answer,
for the questions that you’ll always have.
If I said I love you,
I wouldn't be lying.
But I’m the shadow of the night,
And soon I might be dying."
I'll grab my gun,
If I get to fight.
The people who choose to shun,
Rather than be a light.
Did she love me for what I am, and not who I was?
It’s all her fault, the cold fingers remind me.
And it all brings me back to you, 'cause
I'll never be free of your voice at the back of my mind.
I want it to end tonight;
I won't even put up a fight.
Nothing left to say,
Except the pain in the back of my mind.
Get out of my way,
Off to war, nothing left to find.
I don't hate you,
but I don't love you.
I'll be the stability in this world,
but not for you.
I choose to be me,
Even if it means giving up on everyone.
I'll live in desolation,
At least without you; I'll have the promise of Salvation...