OMFG! Yesterday and Today were so fucking unlucky! This is a list of shit that happend yesterday and today:
1. lost 20 bucks on a bet
2. got searched by cops
3. got caught drunk by neighbor (whos a bitch, but my parents didnt believe her cuz tehy hate her too)
4. Was sitting till 4 doing hw, when my friend calls me on the house phone, waking everybody up.
1. forgot metrocard at home.
2.miss the bus.
3. arrive late for first period, arcrueli yells at me for not bringing in the fucking rubric on the assignment i was doing last night.
4. finding out that an 8 pages of notebook are due today.
5. getting my shit stolen during gym. A wallet with 40 bucks (was gonna buy some new clothes today), an 150dollar mp3 player, and a 7.62 mm bullet casing (from wwII).
6. Bombing english essay (got a 70)
7. my friend got hurt and had to go to the hospital for some stupid skateboard shit.
8 got searched again by cops on the train. What am i? a fucking terrorist?
9. apartment ceiling started leaking.
Seriously, 1 thing it's a chance, 2 is a coincidence, 3 - there's definetly something wrong. But 13 in 2 days!?
Should i file a fucking police report on tuesday???

Expect a new armor done soon =)