I'm finally 18. A lot of good that did me... My life still sucks as bad as it did when I was 17. Maybe I just need to be patient. Anyway! Here is part 5 of my story, for anyone who still reads it:

After the police and Michelle got together to discuss what had happened and investigated the damage, it was concluded that it was a robbery. Luckily, Michelle owned nothing of real value. She looked around and found that only her DVD player, a few DVDs, and the smaller television in her bedroom were stolen. The robber was careful to not leave an unnecessary mess, in case it left incriminating evidence behind. The worst loss was that of Cocoa.
She and an officer looked all over the house and surrounding yard but there wasn’t much to go on. The officer said that the robber might have kidnapped the dog or the dog got shot and stumbled off. Unfortunately, the latter of the options was the one best supported by the scarce evidence. With the splatter of blood and the trail of it that led out the back of the yard, the police feared that Cocoa was lying somewhere and dying. Caitlin thought it was possible that Cocoa was chased away and was now missing. Either way, Michelle was devastated. The one man in her life that she could always count-on was gone.
The officers wished the two ‘good luck’ and drove away to make their reports. Caitlin helped Michelle to get some things packed up so that Michelle could get away from the house for a little while. Michelle was just following behind Caitlin, almost like a ghost. Caitlin threw Michelle’s stuff into the car and the two drove off.
“I’ll have Jacob call some people to get that widow on your door repaired, ok?†Caitlin said as she drove.
“Uh-huh…†mumbled Michelle.
“Ya’ know, I just don’t think Cocoa’s- dead. And I know you don’t think so either. How about we make some ‘Missing’ signs and post them all over town?†Caitlin offered helpfully.
“You really don’ think so…?†Michelle replied lifelessly.
“I just have this feeling, that’s all.â€Â
Michelle just sat quietly, eyes bloodshot and spirits low. Caitlin frowned slightly and decided to let Michelle have some quiet to collect her thoughts. The rest of the car ride was silent.
Finally, the small house popped back into view and Caitlin parked the car. Jacob came out and carried Michelle’s things into the house. Little Alexis was peeking her head out from the doorway of the house as Caitlin and Michelle approached. She quickly ran back into the house and sat down on the couch where Michelle’s stuff was placed.
Caitlin was first to enter followed slowly by Michelle. Jacob was on the other couch and watching television. Caitlin went and sat down by Jacob and Michelle sat down on the other couch beside her things. Alexis came running up to her.
“Hiya, Auntie Michelle! Where’s Cocoa?†asked Alexis excitedly.
Michelle looked down at Alexis and the tears started to flow once more.

Again, thanks so much to anyone who still puts up with my story!