if you haven't played Bioshock for awhile, chances are you have probably forgotten just how good it is. I decided to have a go at obtaining all it's acheivments in honor of it's greatness. i soon found that unless u are a gqaming god, that won't be the case! Most of the acheivments can be earned with a little hard work and persistance but other are just a slap in the face

Not only are some of the acheivments requiring you to complete the story multiple times but if you don't get it perfectly right, it will not count and you will either have to reload your progress or if you are unlucky like me, have to go through another story mode.

One example of this (btw if you haven't played Bioshock before, this will seem like gibberish but bare with me), you will be required to collect or invent all 53 tonics in the game, which, though incredibly frustrating, is possible. The problem with this is after finishing Cohen's masterpiece in Fort Frolic, you can choose to let him live or attack and kill him.

If you let him live, you will be able to acsess his private quarters(which also acts as an acheivment). Inside is all sorts of ammo and a tonic. However, if you choose to kill him, you will obtain a key that will open a small chest in Fort Frolic which contains (you guessed it) another tonic.

This seems fine and all but the only problem is if you let him live, you cannot obtain the key to the chest and if you kill him, you are locked out of his private quarters and unable to gain both the acheivment and tonic.

If that wasen't enough to boil the blood, twist your mind around this, one of the few acheivments that i am yet to obtain (and i envy anyone who has) is the "Brass balls" acheivment. This requires you to complete Bioshock on HARD and not use a Vita-chamber ONCE. If anyone knows how that is possible , please tell me cause on hard, it usually takes me two attempts to down a big daddy.

These acheivments take away from the fun of a game. I am not an avid acheivment hunter but there are only 4 games i have ever strived to complete all acheivments in (Oblivion:sucsess)(The Darkness)(COD4 and Bioshock) Is it too much to ask that they offer acheivments that are possible or that don't require us to complete the game multiple times?