Was my last journal. I got to start updating more.

This is what it breaks down to. A little bit after that journal I was promoted back to Lead Game Adviser at my store. And a couple months after that I was brought back up to Senior Game Adviser. It all worked out pretty well. Got things going again at work and worked my butt off to get promoted in a short period of time. I'm hoping to shoot up to ASM soon enough. I'm guessing after the holiday season if we meet sales goals. We're also hoping to get a bigger store. That would make everything even better.

As far as my car goes...that's another story. Things get bad and I put money in to it and it gets worse. It's drivable which is good. My mechanic took another look at it today after guessing what parts should be replaced...and he was right. Dead on. I need a new PCM and a new Mass Airflow Sensor. Once those parts are in my car will run like brand new. How do I know this? He put test parts in. I wish I could have driven off with them.... So hopefully I'll get those parts soon and have a nice running car instead of something that makes it seem like A CAR WITH PARKENSIS (sp?).

So other than those bits of news....Pyramid Head is going to be my Halloween costume that is if I don't have to work that day. Just been working a lot, trying to keep everything up and running and trying to make ends meet. Playing games, looking forward to more games.

Other than that....just simple things....dealing with people, not dealing with people and being interested in people. In fact...someone on this sight has my interest. But that's a story that may never be told and a story no one may want to hear.