Meus frater , hodie nos pugna pro palma of Empire. Prosterno thy compes ut pervenio immortalis per memoria! Pro sulum miles militis quisnam cado , nos lucrum three. Nos pugna pro lux lucis ut fulsi in nostrum caput , nostrum Imperator rector nos ex obscurum in lux lucis. Laus suus nomen , levo thy mucro meus frater , quod tutela pro palma of Superbia quod Empire!

My brothers, today we fight for the glory of Empire. Cast down thy shackles to attain immortality through memory! For every soldier who falls, we gain three. We fight for the light that shines in our capital, our Emperor guides us from darkness into light. Praise his name, lift thy swords my brothers, and charge for the glory of Pride and Empire!

=- Imperator Salus Prothoplastus +=
(=-Emperor Salvador The First+=)