I got bored, so i decided to type the following nonsense....

The sky was gray, and the air was cool. the ground below me was dried and cracked, parched, flat. I lef behind the hills covered in evergreens that preceeded the moutains behind them, and continued across the barren valley, wandering towards my goal.

It had been many moons since I left the comfort of my home to embark on this journey. My fellow men and women told me i was mad, pleaded for me to stay, or laughed at my "foolishness". They did not understand why I embarked on this perilous path. Their ridicule shattered upon my iron determination. I will make it to my destination. They will hear from me soon.

This is not the end of me.

The path to my goal was among the less traveled routes. It soon wound its way deep into the wilderness, until only the occaisional marker constructed by some trailblazer long lost to history was the only sign that these woods had ever been disturbed by man. The wind whispered through the trees, to turn back. I continued, and the weather worsened. The skies turned dark as the old trail lead me into the hills towards the mountain. Heavy rains made the hills muddy and slippery. Water rushed down through a ravine. The raging water faintly scoffed at my constant trek. "You will not survive this journey over my mountain..." I kept climbing.

The spirit of these lands grew more intensly angered as i continued to ascend up it's mountain. It brought snow, rocks, washouts, and other impediments, yet they could never stop me. As I reached the top, scooting across its jagged rock face, the spirit through its worst at me. A blizzard of razor shards of ice sheared into any exposed flesh. Lightning struck all around me, shattering boulders. The spirit's curses were broadcasted by the thunder. "Have you no end!?" the spirit of the mountain cried in a single thunderous roar. I looked out into the dark boiling skies with and replied calmly.

"This is not the end of me."

With that, the spirit cursed again, and again. The winds died down, the blizzard turned to a sprinkle, and then ceased. The clouds however continued to churn, as the spirit continued to mumble curses in it's distant thunder. I continued down the other side of the moutain and found going downhill to be atleast as challenging as going up hill, but onward i marched, down into the foot hills, my boots crunched through the litter on the forest floor.

And so i made my way down to this point, from the edge of the forest to this barren, rocky and harsh valley. I pause to check my bearings and to take a sip from my cantene. I am making good time, and soon i will be able to be reunited with--- a dark figure across the valley catches my eye. It is strange for anyone to be out here, for there is not civilization in these parts.

It approaches me, and i approach it. As i get closer, i can make out parts of the obscure figure. It is tall and thin, with a worn black robe. A dark voice called to me.

" You have come far," it said. "That is truely impressive. No man should have been able to endure those harships, but you did." It continued to approach. It carried in one hand a scythe, and as it got closer it motioned to my flanks, continuing his one-sided conversation. As he points, it reveals its ivory skeletal hand.

"I am sorry that your efforts have gone to waste..." death says apologetically.

"I wouldn't be so sure they have been yet. I'm still standing," i said with cool defiance. "I have come to recover her who is dear to me. I know she is out there. And you will not stand in my way"

"Fool, she is gone! She has been taken, abused, corrupted! Even if you ever find her out there where her captors have taken her, she would only look upon you with dull expressionless eyes. Her body is but a shell! Everything she was has been erased from her mind. She is a slave to pleaure and to the wills of her new owners, she is now only a puppet performing for their titilation. Her smile is a facade, the glimmer in her eyes, her sweetness, her angellic innocence, is gone. She is just as dead as if i had taken her myself!"

Death seemed to suddenly relax despite his explosive episode.

"I have come to collect you. You should have known better than to come this way. You should not be afraid, perhaps in death you shall find your fiance when the time comes. You will die anyway, you will never make it to the land of her captors before they hunt you like a dog and string you up by your entrails. You do not want your last sight in life to be your love mindless throwing herself upon your executioner."

"I must respectfully decline," i replied "I cannot go with you. I will save her."

Angerly, death thrust out his hand "You have no choice".

His cold icy grip closed upon my rist. His bony fingers held firm. Perhaps if any flesh remained on death's skull, it would have displayed disbelief. I pulled my hand from his grasp, standing firmly in place and looked death in his hollow eye sockets, and told him very simply

"This is not the end of me."