So now, I have my first brother.
Well brother in law.
but its still pretty cool
and sense he has a half sister
I claim her my sister as well

It was alot of work leading up to the moment
but it went by flawlessly.

Church was good, they got married
alot of pictures after
Then to the other house for Reception.

That was really fun, alot of food, family, new friends, dancing and much much more
my sis did the Hungarian tradition
putting the apron on

And I got down and danced alot

Then after I went to the after party
got a lil tipsy for the first time sense early summer
hung out with cousins
and said one last goodbye to Brittany Chance
even know she'll always be Brittany Knappman to me

I good time, my sis getting married
It was very happy.

Heres a link to see my sis's first dance with greg Click