well, it snowed yesterday, but about half a milimeter, and it got me excited, so me and my friend we to a hockey rink and scraped snow for a couple hours filling the back of his truck, we get to my house which is near a small hill and we start to unload around my skatebox me and my grandfather built last year. it just started to get dark and the woman next door turned off her back light a refused to turn it back on. in a pickle, me and my friend (mrmaas) make our way to the nearest walmart and spent 60 dollars and 80 cents on two small flood lights and 135 feet of extension cable, it was a really good time, and so tiring, but we got out first shred of the season in and im stoked for many more to come, now that im selling my hockey gear, it should be alot more usefull as a snowboard instead of stuff in my storage.