The final episode of Red vs Blue:Reconstruction will air on Wednesday October 29th at 10:00PM Central Time.

--- Burnie's Journal

A bit of delay in the release of the final episode. Oh, well. Probably means that it's full of all the answers we're looking for, right?

...right? smiley6.gif

What do you think the ending of Reconstruction will bring? What are the implications of Tex as a ghost/AI? What is Tucker looking for in the sand? Will this EMP be the end of Church? What do you think?

More from Burnie's journal:

We will not have an extended break between RvB projects as you have seen in the past. There will be a few weeks downtime, then return to making new videos, which will just be a random weekly affair. Then we will have two new mini-series followed by an extended series to follow up Reconstruction. The two mini-series and all the weekly vids should take us all the way to the Spring before the next big show starts. Of course, all of this is flexible and we will continue to move things around to bring you the best videos possible.

Hmmm... I think one of the mini-series might address the Tucker thing. It would only be fair to give him his own little run, considering he wasn't in Reconstruction at all thus far. Not too sure about the other mini-series; some more background on what happened to Tex. maybe? What are your thoughts?

The fact that the RT team is prepared to bring us new videos straight through until Spring, when the next big project starts, is impressive. Sponsors like me will really be getting their money's worth!

*is excited*

Here's hoping for a kickass finale on Wednesday!