I have this huge skeletal quiz coming up in Anatomy... It's like 70 bones, but we have to memorize about 100. (And it's not just bones, but features of the bones!) I'll be lucky to get a passing grade on that quiz... But anyway! I haven't made a new journal in a while, and I haven't posted any more of my story. So here is part 6 of my story! Thanks for reading, those few of you who do!

The weekend had finally arrived. Landon felt relieved and refreshed when he awoke at 10 on this lovely spring morning. He never got to sleep-in until the weekend arrived, so he utilized his weekends wisely. After getting up and throwing on a pair of pants he sauntered into the living room to let Snowbell out into the yard.
“Come on, Bells,†Landon coaxed.
It was almost unnecessary because Snowbell knew the drill. She darted out into the yard. Landon then walked into the kitchen to make some toast, since there was little else to eat. A few moments passed and then Landon heard a rather strange sound emanating from his yard. After walking out to his yard he saw Snowbell barking through the fence and into Marcus’ yard.
“Snowbell, you crazy girl, what’re you barking at?†Landon asked, perplexed.
Snowbell almost never barked, and she was very familiar with Marcus, so Landon wasn’t sure what she had a problem with. Landon walked over to the fence that divided the two yards and peaked over. What…? Landon thought, confused.
Standing at the fence and silent as stone, was a brown Labrador Retriever with a heavily bandaged front leg and one of those funny looking cones around its neck. Marcus never talked about getting a dog, thought Landon.
Marcus must have heard the barking because he had also left his house and started toward the source of the noise soon after Landon had.
“Hey, Marcus. What’s with the damaged dog?â€Â
“I found him on my way home from work the other day,†Marcus replied without much thought.
“I didn’t know you had a soft spot for injured animals,†Landon chuckled.
“Ya’ know, neither did I. But I got to thinking, when I saw him just limping around, about all the possibilities!â€Â
Marcus had a sly, giddy grin about him, as the strange comment started to sink-in with Landon.
“No… You’re going to use this hurt dog to pick up woman, aren’t you?†said Landon, almost indignantly.
“Hey! I ain’t that bad! But yes… That was my first idea…†Marcus replied, slightly embarrassed.
“At least you’re taking care of him…†Landon said with a sigh.
“And besides! This dog doesn’t even have a collar, but I know he belongs to someone. I’ll just wait until I figure out whom he belongs too. The bonus is if that person is a single lady who’s looking for that dashing, gallant man to return her lost dog to her,†said Marcus as a smile spread across his face.
“You’re terrible,†responded Landon with a light laugh.
“I try to be.â€Â
A moment passed while the two were left with their thoughts.
“Hey, I’m goin’ down to the mini mart later to pick up some groceries. You need anything?†asked Landon, remembering that his kitchen was in serious lack of sustenance.
“Well… I’m outta beer…†replied Marcus deep in thought.
“Same here. That’s on my list as well.â€Â
“Other than that, I can’t think of anything. I just went shopping pretty recently because this dog here needed some food.â€Â
“Oh. Right! Well, I’m going to leave pretty soon. Just call if you think of anything.â€Â
“’Kay. Come over later, and we’ll have a beer!†announced Marcus.
“I’ll be sure to.â€Â
With that, Landon turned and went into his house. Snowbell followed behind him. After digging up some clothes and making himself look presentable, Landon threw on his shoes.
“Let’s go, Snowbell!†called Landon.
He had Snowbell’s purple leash in his hands, ready to take Snowbell on a walk with him to the mini mart. This had gotten her pretty excited. She ran over and bounced about as Landon tried to hold her still in order to put on her leash. After finally getting Snowbell secured to her leash, Landon grabbed his wallet, and then he and Snowbell were off to the mini mart.
The weather outside was pleasant. They walked along the sidewalks of the urban neighborhood briskly. Snowbell loved to stop and sniff the various things that required a sniff. At the crosswalk where Landon needed to cross to get to the mini mart he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. On the wooden light pole next to him he saw a sign. ‘Missing’ it read.
The sign had a photo of a very familiar chocolate-colored dog. ‘Cocoa’ was his name. The sign said that the dog had gone missing about four days ago. There’s no way… thought Landon as he studied the photo of the dog. He looked at the phone number and thought about calling it. I guess I should tell Marcus.
He continued across the street and into the mini mart.