I am ENJOYING my life for once. All the stuff that happened between me and someone (not gonna say a name but if your reading this you know who you are) but it is in my past. This year in High School i have met so many great people. And they dont care how i act who i talk to or anything like that. Unlike middle school where everyone flipped out. But they also dont judge me for dating the coolest girl in the world Virginia. I love her to death. But anyway. Sorry i havent posted a journal in a long time. But i am starting to enjoy my life. Maybe not my home life but at school it is great. I have great friends. I wish i talked to some of my old friends from Byrd. I MISS YOU ALL!!! I am still writing poetry. I am in two school clubs. Rebelettes whih is like community service stuff i guess. The GSA (GAY STRAIGHT ALLIANCED!!) WooH i love GSA and I have a AWESOME Gay best friend Brandon. Love him to. Well at lunch i eat outside whih it has been F*cking cold. But i steal Robert's jacket. But he normally just hands it to me as i walk up cause he told me he likes me. But i dont want to date him cause he is like four years older than me. Then Daniel and Megan always tickle me and makes me fall on my ass. it hurts.

but one more thing
I am sorry for everything i said. I was mad and i only really did say that was a bitchy thing to do. I swear. and you know i dont swear. I miss my best friend. I havent found anyone like you at freeman. that i come to with all my problems. I miss you. Please forgive my apology. And plus i mean you know us we talk crap about each other and we are just like what ever. And i know you have said things about me. maybe not recently but you have. and i want you to forgive me. Think of the fun times we have had since sixth grade they were awesome. Well some of the best times were in eighth grade.
-shooting spit balls at Devon
-Crazy Blonde chicks
-jolly rancher juice
-talking on the phone to SC
-when you were gonna kill sean
-passing notes in civics
- our notebook
-i still have all the notes and notebook we wrote just in case
-footy pjs in Civics
-pillow fight in our underwear
-the really cute guy fishing
-some different times at the mall
-my birthday party
-some of the phone calls

anyway i am going to unblock you
i want you to comment saying something or message if you want to talk