So, Halloween was fun. smiley0.gif
I was having some trouble thinking of something to dress up as, when my friend Kyle gave me a killer suggestion:

Colonel Sanders: The KFC Guy.

It was a last-minute idea, and it took a lot of running around on Thursday evening, but I eventually found everything I needed to pull it off. The costume went over great at school yesterday, and at the Halloween kegger at the lounge. I don't drink, and since the Students' Association needed someone to work the door, so I did that while my friends Josh, Brittany, and Ken got the most hammered they've ever been. It was a blast. smiley0.gif

This morning, though, none of them were feeling too good. smiley6.gif

Anyway, here's what I'm doing tonight...
Good news: Randy Bachman is playing a show in town tonight.
Bad news: Tickets to said show are $200.
Good news: The event is a formal Gala-style fundraiser for my college, and requires quite a number of volunteers.
I'll be taking the concert in from a distance, but I'll still be there; I'll just be selling drink tickets to the richest people in town. smiley0.gif

Anyway, that's me. What are you up to tonight? Remember that the clocks go back tonight, so you have an extra hour to do whatever the hell it is you'll be doing.