Well, last week was eventful of the sorts.

My gf didn't talk to me for a few days
To tell you, that scared the hell out of me
later on I found out why and all was normal
But because of this no talking
I seemed to have consumed some alcohol
which wasn't too affective for drowning sorrows.

On Halloween I became Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr.
It was quite fun, I bought everything but the Gas Mask bag he carries.
I'll have a more detailed picture up later.
I went with my best Friend Kevin's house for a while
then we went to outback(still wearing costume)
Later that night I went to Brandi's(gf) and hung out till about 2am
it was a good day.

Saturday Brandi got sick and I stayed home.

Sunday I went surfing with Zach in the cold water
nice waves though.
Shortly after I went to Brandi's and watched Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I left after and picked up a Slurpee on my way home.

That was my week basically
very fun in all.