You know, in all the bad ass Army/ Military movies they never show AIT. I wondered why while I was a civilian. Now I know. AIT is so...boring it's crazy. Yes we get more leway but we're still treated like damned kids. I mean yeah, most of us are, but if we're going to put on a uniform and swear to defend this country perhaps we should be treated like adults. Or maybe better yet....Soldiers.

No, I suppose that would be too much. However it's just a couple more months. Soon I will be stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah. Which is pretty damn cool if I don't say so myself. I look forward to seeing my grandma on a regular basis. If not some of my high school friends. However I know things have changed and probably will not be the same. Maybe we won't understand each others lives. I fear that will be a problem. It seems it already has with my mother. I guess people think Military = Money. Which I guess is true, but not much when you're a private withoute a wife and kids. I make less than a lot of people actually. I give up a lot of things so civilians can enjoy them yet I feel way under appreciated. Even taken for granted. I don't think anyone truly understands. Hell the people in Iraq are also waaaaay taken for granted as far as anything I'm concerned with. Seeing on how even I, a fellow American Soldier take them for granted.

I don't know just thought I'd let everyone know kind of what's going on. I say to my friends who are still in High School, value you're years. Don't rush. I know it's funny to read that, because I myself wouldn't to so many people's advice, that very same advice. Enjoy the drama. Hell it's funny. Take it one day at a time

I love you all

-PFC Roberts, Dylan