Rain pelting down,
Candles burning.
Silence interrupted only
By patters of drops
And peals of thunder.
The wind occasionally tousles
The trees
Teaching them a dance never learned
Candles burning still,
Their light supplemented only
By lightening;
Appearing and them vanishing
like fairies in hide-and-go-seek.
Rain continues to beat the ground,
The windows, the roofs,
Even the trees;
Lulling the earth to sleep
Only to be awakened
By the irate growls of thunder.
Over all there is an air of silence,
It is only natural noises which
Pester the ear.
No automobiles; no beepers; no radios.
Only nature rants and raves
Save for one lonely moan
Of a tree.
No answer cries forth.
Only wind, rain, lightening, and thunder.
And candles burning.

Something I wrote a number of years ago.