So its been awhile since I've been on here. This site has changed a lot.

So school has been good, I'm struggling in one class thats extremely hard......I hate General Chemistry. Other than that class things have been going well. My fraternity is the big buzz on campus at the current moment, and its only going to get bigger and bigger. I just came back from a camping trip with my fraternity this weekend and it was lots of fun. Haha I threw a full bottle of charcoal lighter fluid into the camp fire. Haha everybody ran away from it, funniest thing to watch. The bottle didn't explode, so everybody came back around the fire after awhile and thats when I threw a big log onto the bottle and the entire thing exploded, this time everybody was screaming and running far away.

Enough blabing though, I'm very sad McCain did not win the elections. *Sigh* All we can do is just sit back and watch Iraq destroy themselves.