I'm the one that falls,
The one who'll always call.
I want you more than anything else,
I'll break myself to have your love.
Can you hear these yells?
They won't see me, falling from above.
I can't seperate myself,
From what I've done.
Not hidden on a shelf,
This is it, not just for fun.
I'll carry you with me forever,
That's why I don't believe in the word never.
If only we were younger,
If only we were near.
If only we were stronger,
I'd take you away from here.
Make you my own,
Bring you back.
Give you a home,
Allow you to have all the world may lack.
Girl, I love you, in every sense of the word,
But I know, this is all I've ever heard.
Screams for me to take you in my arms,
But we are so far away.
Protect you from all harms,
And wished that you'd come here and always stay.