I realize it's been out for over a year now, but I've been listening to Fight With Tools by Flobots again the last couple of days.

Fucking good album. And I realize citing the main single of an album is cliche, but damn, I really love "Handlebars." Great analysis of the duality of human potential. We can choose to embrace creativity and try to make the world a better place ("see your face on the telephone") or we can create devices to exterminate entire populations ("guide a missile with a satellite").

So, once all is said and done, I guess there's only one question: Which side of human potential will win out? Will we as a society and species dedicate our potential to fixing the broken world before we wipe ourselves out?

Right now I'd say it seems unlikely. It seems mankind has an endless imagination when it comes to discovering new means of destruction, but curing society's ills is seen as unimportant or even unnecessary. To put it in geek terms, we're choose The Terminator as opposed to Star Trek.

Hmm. That's kind of a bummer.