A person spotted a cat in her backyard. My mom and I investigated. My mom was able to see her, but I didn't. She told me 100% that it was her. I argued that I have to see the cat to believe her. We called it a night.

I went there today. I saw the cat.... Not her. FUCK!

I got a call Monday from a woman who said her daughter saw a cat getting attacked and killed by two raccoons in the night. She said she would get her daughter to call me if anything.

After I saw that the cat was not Britney at the other house, I called the woman's house. Thankfully, i got her daughter on the phone. She told me the story. I asked her if she remembers if it was a weekend or a weekday. She said definitely not a weekend.

So there's hope, but then again she could have been raccoon food. I don't really know what to do now.

I'm going to go over to animal services again and see if they have any more new cats.