With the approaching dawn,
I knew you were on your way.
The game way finally on,
You were here to stay.
This might be our only chance,
Just thinking about you puts me in this trance.
Do we dare take what they offer?
Do we dare step into the light?
It's it, the time to put up a fight.
I won't let you slip,
Like sand through my fingers.
I'll tighten my grip,
This feeling stil lingers.
Save me from what I become tonight,
No sense of wrong or right.
With you in the back of my mind,
Is enough for me to remind
Myself of what I'll do.
Just to get myself back to you.
Let me take you in my arms,
We'll be each other's charms.
As we bring our faces near,
I think I love you dear.
I'll let you press your lips on mine,
That's something I cannot decline.
Let me be that last life line,
Trust me, my love won't be malign.
With you I will not want,
Its not a lie, nor even a taunt.
Girl the love I feel for you,
Is like a million suns.
I hope you feel that way too,
As my heart surely runs...