Hey, everybody! How's it going? smiley0.gif

I had a pretty sweet weekend. So sweet, in fact, that I'm going to tell you about it. Aren't you lucky? smiley6.gif

Friday after class, I pretty much spent the day in the King's Lounge, which is the bar run by the Students' Association on campus. Hung out with Josh and whoever else was around. Played some pool, and finally won a game this month. Frig, I was on such a dry streak. At around 7:30, Ken showed up, and we played some more pool, and then we went down the street to Alexanders for some Kareoke. Kinda disappointed that the host wouldn't let me sing more than she did, but whatever. We had fun, anyway, especially when Josh's Keats started smiling at us. smiley6.gif

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day. I sat around for a while and did my theory homework, and then I watched the Stamps (slowly but surely) beat the Lions in the Western final. Als and Stamps in Montreal next week. GO STAMPEDERS! I also started my Christmas shopping; I'm doing most of it online this year, so I figured I should get a go of it, just in case. The problem with shopping online is that the massive selection entices you to spend more money. smiley6.gif A little after that, I went over to Josh's place and he, Ken, and I played some Brawl. And when I say some, I mean we started around 10PM and went until about 4:30AM. smiley6.gif

Woke up this morning around 11AM and played even more Brawl. I went home around 3. Been chillin' out at home ever since; watched some TV, bought some more Christmas gifts, and just relaxed.

It's good that I had a nice, stressless weekend, because every weekend between now and the new year is almost packed, especially next weekend; Jazz Fest is next weekend, so if you happen to be in the Fort Mac area, you should definitely check it out. There'll be concerts Thursday and Friday night by the festival adjudicators; tickets are about $20 a show, and it's all happening in the Keyano Recital Theatre. There will also be a concert on Saturday afternoon done by the high school jazz bands involved with the festival. It should be a blast; definitely check it out! smiley0.gif

Oh, and before I sign off: The Keyano College Visual & Performing Arts Department presents A Winter Affair of the Arts, our annual holiday-themed concert. It all takes place on Friday, December 5th at 8PM in the Keyano College main theatre. Tickets are... well, I don't recall how much they are, but it really isn't that much; under $20, for sure. Be there! It'll be a great show!

Anyway, that's it for me, guys! Sorry I don't update you more often on the goings on of my life, but I'm pretty busy most of the time. I'll write when I can, but if I for some reason neglect you guys over the next month and a half, have a great holiday season!

Peace out, all!