After two days of playing this game I have to say that I absolutely love Fallout 3. I can't stop playing it and I love beating the shit out of Mole Rats with the repellent stick. Hehe, their heads explode!

For those of you not in the know, Fallout 3 is a Bethesda RPG similar to Oblivion.

Can I compare this to Oblivion? Hell, no!

I find Fallout 3 more entertaining that Oblivion. I never played the Elder Scroll Series. Oblivion was my first entry... Wait, I'm lying, Morrowind was my entry to the Elder Scroll Series. Morrowind, brought me to tears literally, because I rented the Xbox (original) version and for some reason the refresh rate kept flickering for me. The game almost made me sick. Oblivion, fortunately, was an improvement, but for some reason there was something that didn't quite hold me into the world. Just to name a few: I couldn't relate to the content (wasn't much of a fantasy fan), all the voices were recycled (especially the lizard people), couldn't find the proper armor/weapon match (underpowered in an Oblivion gate? Yeah that's me... Always!). Fallout 3 seems to be a different monster all together.

The one thing I love about Fallout 3 is the Post-Nuclear Dystopian Future. I love how all the robots in D.C. are Robby the Robot clones and even the terrain is wonderfully crafted. It's almost as if I'm wondering around my town 200 years after a nuclear holocaust. If anything, I think Fallout 3 gives me the similar vibes when I play Bioshock. Maybe it's because of the 50s music playing the the background or maybe it's the ghouls reminding me of splicers.. Well, splicers as if they were good and bad. I really don't know what else to say about this game. I have such an absolute passion for science fiction.

The game isn't without its faults though:

- Bethesda did clean up animations a bit, but the characters still look as if they're walking on an invisible treadmill

- So far I've encountered one game freeze and one situation where my character got stuck in between something forcing me to load my last save, GAHH! smiley5.gif

- Stupid A.I. "Oh no! Here comes a Super Mutant!" *Runs, looks back, then stops* "Why is he trying to run through the tree?"
"Oh No, Raiders and one has a missile launcher!" *Runs, looks back, then stops* "Hum, well I guess they shouldn't have given him the missile launcher if they knew he was going to shoot the wall next to them." *loots the bodies*

- Bittercup doesn't want to go out with my character.

Ha! Okay, the last one is not a fault, but I thought it was a nice little conversation piece Bethesda threw in there.

Okay, back to playing. smiley0.gif